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2022 Rapid React: Kickoff + Build Season Week 1

Rapid React is the 2022 FRC game. Teams can shoot balls in the lower (3' 5") or the higher (8' 8") hub, located at the middle of the field. The balls are 9 1/2 inches which is about 2 inches larger than the previous year. The real wonder of the game is the climbing system though. The climbing area is on the end of each alliances side. Each climbing area has 4 bars that range from 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft. The challenge of getting to the top is the height limit of 5' 2". There is an advantage though, you can start climbing at any time during teleop. We would like to be able to climb up to the 7ft bar.

In week one, we made important decisions. We will most likely be using a C chassis and a 6 wheel drop center. By the end of week 1, we partially put together the cassis, this includes: the frame, gear boxes, and motors. We have brainstormed and prototyped the shooter and climber.

Our main idea for the climber is to use pistons to grab on and pull us up then another piston gets the next bar, this would repeat until the 7ft bar is reached. We plan to focus on the lower hub, as it would supposedly have a quicker cycle time. We are planning to prioritize ranking points.

In week 2, we hope to complete the chassis and have bigger prototypes + know our strategy.



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