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Camps & Events


October 23, 2021

Nottingham was a last-minute outreach event funded by the town of Cary. We provided activities for all ages and information on our team. Attendees could create their own personalized button using our button makers. In addition to that, we re-assembled Hephaestus and got it demo-ready for kids (and adults) to catch shooting balls. Overall, Nottingham was successful and good experience for new students.


Holiday Workshop

December 15, 2021

The Holiday Workshop was a TFI exclusive workshop to get back into the hang of physical workshops after a hiatus due to covid. To fundraise for PyroTech, we will run a mini camp/workshop. Admission is $20. 1 Session (1p to 3p). 3 Stations -  Puzzle maker - Ornament decorating - Picture Frame Decorating.

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