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A summary of our 2023-2024 Season


The 2023-2024 Season

This year we competed in 2 NC District qualifiers and at the NC State Championship.  We were very proud of the robot we built this year (named WildFire).  Due to a lot of prototyping and iterative design, it performed really well and looked great!  

For the first time ever, we won a robot-oriented award at each one of our competitions:  

  • FNC District UNC Pembroke Event:  Quality Award

  • FNC District Wake County Event:  Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors

  • FIRST North Carolina District State Championship: Innovation in Control Award.  


Our biggest competition celebrations, though, were how many rookie and rookie+1 teams our team members were able to help. We helped them get bumpers built so they could compete, get coding working, diagnose electrical and mechanical problems, and create autonomous programming during competitions. Those teams left the competitions feeling stronger and more empowered for their next season.

Below is a photo summary we put together for the competitions.

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